Paper Tools for the DigiWorld

Holding to the ethos “Using a pencil and paper is often the best way to get ideas down,” UI Stencils offers a wide variety of sketchbooks, sticky pads and stencils, all designed to help you create the next hot iPad/iPhone/Android/Windows Phone app…on paper.

The iPad sketchbook, for example, gives you 50 sheets of two-sided, dot grid, 8.5” x 11,” 70 lb. paper to plot out screens for your next iPad app, complete with two rounded corners on the bottom for that iPad feel. If you want to go all out, you can pick up the iPad stencil kit that allows you to quickly sketch in common buttons that tend to pop up in apps, including those ubiquitous stylized first initials for Twitter and Facebook.

Perhaps the most useful UI Stencils tool for designers is the $24, 12-inch-long pixel ruler, which features a 150-pixels-per-inch scale, perfect for figuring out how large photos and other elements should be when sketching out your website ideas.


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