Must Have: YUPO T-shirt

yupo_tshirtSure, we all like paper derived from trees. Yet sometimes you need a sheet that can really stand up to the stresses and elements that the world may throw its way. Sometimes you need a synthetic paper that’s bright and smooth, perfect for making your design pop. A paper that is tear-resistant, completely waterproof and, equally important today, 100% recyclable. In short, a sheet that will keep your creation looking good for as long as you want it to, and then go gracefully back into new products when the time comes.

Which is why the good folks at Yupo remind you that when it comes to creating pieces like maps, menus, packaging or labels, it pays to “Do it on YUPO.”

To remind you of this throughout the summer, Yupo is offering PaperSpecs readers their very own “Do it on YUPO” T-shirt: click here to get yours today! (Limited quantities available.)



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