Mohawk Redesigns Swatchbooks

Mohawk Carnival + Via SwatchbookMohawk has never been afraid to try new ways to get designers excited about their papers, whether it’s publishing the Mohawk Maker Quarterly, or providing special subscription grab bags of its most sought after treasures. Recently, Mohawk announced that it’s at it again, launching a redesigned series of its swatchbooks.

Two years ago, Mohawk shrank its swatchbooks down to a handy, easy-to-store swatchdeck size that was innovative for its time, but could be a little difficult to interpret in some instances.

The new series, created by Hybrid Design in San Francisco, is much closer to the traditional swatchbook size – 9 x 6 – and takes a more modern approach to locating just the sheet you’re looking for.

Nine New Books

A total of nine new swatchbooks will be rolled out throughout 2015, starting with a combined portfolio of Mohawk Carnival and Via – an arrangement that, according to the official press murmurings, promises to give designers a “fresh look at each grade….The Mohawk Carnival & Via swatchbook showcases a collection of multiple shades of white, a fresh palette of colors and 10 distinctive textures.  The entire range of Carnival + Via is also now FSC Certified, so designers won’t need to choose between beauty and environmental responsibility. ”

And for those who measure their swatchbooks by heft, prepare your happy dance – this one clocks in at 2 pounds!

Mohawk Carnival + Via Swatchbook

A New Setup

We quote liberally from the official murmurings below to give you a detailed idea of what to expect from the new Mohawk swatchbooks:

The Carnival + Via book “begins with a Quick Spec section on the left side of the inside spread. As its name suggests, Quick Spec provides a quick, organized overview of all colors, finishes and weights available within the paper grade. Waterfall features allows users to easily search by color, finish, weight, or printing technique, including helpful tips on choosing finish and basis weight….

To the right of the Quick Spec section is the Browse section, which allows users to dive deeper into the specification process to identify finish, shade and weight. Each waterfall within Browse contains in-depth information about available colors and weights, including one sample of every shade available within each finish.”

PRO members, request your copy of the brand new Carnival + Via swatchbook today! Not a member? Why not begin your PRO membership today?



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