Heartbreak Box

box_125As we edge ever closer to April Fool’s Day, we grow appropriately wary of stories that sound too good to be true. Checking and rechecking today’s date (as well as the country of origin – wild ‘n wacky Japan), we feel sufficiently reassured that the Heartbreak Box is, well, a proper thing. 

The idea is simple: After you break up with your significant other, simply contact Brandear, who will send you the box mentioned above, with its giant red heart on the top.

Open it up, fill it with all of those items that remind you of your ex, and ship it back to the company. (The box contains the heart-shaped Heartbreak Guidebook, a small branded pack of tissues, bubble wrap, a guide for using the box, and a courier label for shipping.)

The contents of the box will then be appraised, and you’ll receive appropriate payment for the items. Additionally, Brandear will donate about $1 for every box they receive to charities that help pregnant women in developing countries.




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