Mohawk Reinvents the Swatchbook

Swatchbooks can be a joy to leaf through…unless you’re frantically searching for a specific paper. And when it comes to storing them – just how many bookshelves should one person own in a lifetime?

Realizing the very concept of the swatchbook could do with a makeover, Mohawk tasked the Michael McGinn Design Office to create a new type of sheet presentation that’s both easier to navigate and takes up less space when not in use.

Adopting an accordion style, the new swatchbook features a waterfall containing each basis weight and finish, chip shades, environmental information beneath the waterfall, and stock charts on the reverse side. According to McGinn, the whole line takes up about a third of the space of traditional swatchbooks. A small open box is in the works to hold the first seven books.

Mohawk Via, the first product to be featured in the new swatchbook format, is an uncoated sheet with 34 shades, 11 weights, and a variety of finishes ranging from Satin to 25% Cotton Smooth.

Swatchbooks for all of Mohawk’s paper grades should be available by the end of November.

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