The Golden Ticket

golden-125-0314-3PaperSpecs PRO membership continues to have its privileges. That means instant access to informative webinars on every facet of print production, and access to the latest swatchbooks and mill promotions.

And one of those privileges is the opportunity to win special design treasures. We call these (what else?) “The Golden Ticket.”

This month, we give away one of the most popular items to ever be featured on PaperSpecs: the smart and sophisticated Beertone swatch deck: Swiss edition. Each Pantone-like strip features 12 pieces of information about that particular beer, including serving temperature, suggested food pairings, and the color of the beer given in CMYK, RGB, HTML and more! 202 Swiss beers, 48 breweries, 100% awesome!

Just click here before March 31st for your chance to win.




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