Must Have: Thin Wood Veneer Card

lenderinkWhen you set out to make a big impression with your printed piece, there’s an understandable urge to bulk it up with a heavier paper stock. Yet if you really want people to take notice, print it on Micro Thin Real Wood Veneer from Lenderink Technologies.

Micro Thin Real Wood Veneers are just what they sound like: wood sliced paper-thin, starting at just .007”. Yet because they are wood, they boast a sturdiness that always stands out to the touch. Most importantly, these are printable sheets (up to 48” x 96”) that are easily diecut or laser cut. And best of all, they are infinitely customizable with your choice of:

  • Size
  • Thickness
  • Backing (including magnets)
  • Clear protective overlays (including an erasable variety)
  • Wood species (including Ash, Bamboo, Beech and more).

All are excellent for a variety of uses, including brochures, envelopes, postcards, gift cards, labels, invitations, stationery and more.

PaperSpecs readers, click here to request a printed Micro Thin Real Wood Veneer card with envelope from Lenderink Technologies. SORRY THIS OFFER HAS EXPIRED.


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