Cool Packaging: Maria Sadowska Album

Maria Sadowska cd packaging

Hats off to the music labels who occasionally beat back the tsunami of digital download culture with thoughtful and inspiring CD packaging design such as this piece for Polish singer Maria Sadowska, released by Sony Music Poland.

Maria Sadowska cd packaging

Granted we’re not as up on Jackson Pollock paintings as we should be, but this album packaging’s explosion of color is certainly something you could easily while away a good afternoon poring over. The track list on the back doesn’t quite work, aiming for street-art stencil and missing. Sadly, had they left off the corporate brag boxes on the bottom, the tracks wouldn’t have looked nearly so out of place. The razored artist name on the cover, however, is nothing short of inspired.

Maria Sadowska cd packaging

And now we get to those little extras that we seem to find less and less these days – album-size art prints for every song.

Maria Sadowska cd packaging

Love, love, love the gritty rendering of these tracks, as well as the black and white images that appear on the back. While all of this could easily have been put in the more traditional booklet format, there’s something kind of nice about having all of this paper ephemera to sort through. Sure, you’ll end up losing one or all of the pages over time, but then again, when was the last time you opened a CD booklet more than once? (The individual track treatment also puts us very much in mind of Beatie Wolfe’s groundbreaking NFC card deck.)

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Maria Sadowska cd packaging5



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