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ecocard business cardCertainly we expect business cards to convey valuable information about who we are to potential clients. But does that mean they can’t be darn useful in other ways, too? This week, it’s all about getting an extra bang for your buck as we indulge our green thumb, trade in our shoelaces, and bum a free ride on Moscow’s Metro line. (Previous Cool Cards of the Week can be found here.)

Seeded Business Cards

If you’re already walking the talk regarding your eco credentials by spec’ing green paper for your projects, why not make that clear from the very beginning with a seeded business card? Jukebox Print offers a 2-ply card that features a dark walnut wood stock on the front that has been laser cut to reveal the actual seeded paper backing.

seeded business card


 Shoelace Business Card

Yep…we have to admit that this is a bit of a stretch for the “useful” category. From the looks of these shoelace business cards that Brazilian ad agency ageisobar came up with for Adidas, they might just work in your 10-year-old’s shoe….one of them. Still, you’ll certainly have no problem telling this “card” from the rest. And you have to love the card holder: a mini-shoebox!

shoelace business cardshoelace business card


Metro Ticket Business Card

While Greenpeace has garnered a reputation for over-the-top efforts to slow humanity’s destruction of the planet, they have come up with an interesting business card idea in the form of EcoCard. This consists of two parts – the business card itself with the requisite contact details, and an actual commuter pass that slides inside the business card. (Presumably this is so you can replace the pass once it’s maxed out.) The first participating public transit authority? The Moscow Metro System.


ecocard business card


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