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We love a whiz-bang business card as much as the next person. Still, there’s nothing quite like letterpress if you want to convey a sense of quality to those you’re trying to impress. This week, we discover a spirit company’s card that lifts OUR spirit significantly, check out (boom tish!) a novelist’s library-inspired gem, and appreciate fine personal details brought to life with fluorescent inks. (You can find previous Cool Cards of the Week here.)

Spirit Company Business Card

This one just grabbed us by the viscera and wouldn’t let go the first time we clapped eyes on it. Device Creative Collaboration transformed a simple business card into a letterpress extravaganza that feels like a historical artifact, which appears to have been their intention:

“Letterpress-printed in small batches and signed for authenticity, old-fangled business cards recall the identity passes of roving revolutionary-era purveyors of libations.”

Keep the spirits, we’re intoxicated enough by this card!

sutlers business cardsutlers business cardsutlers business card


Writer’s Business Card

Our nostalgia for all things public library has been well documented (including here and here), so it’s probably no surprise that Olivia Waite’s business cards stopped us in our tracks. Rather than modeling it after a library card, she went for the old check-out cards you’d find in the inside back covers of library books themselves. Particularly clever is her use of the “Date Out” column to indicate the release dates of her books. We might just have to borrow that, Olivia… 😉

olivia waite business card


Another Colour Business Cards

There’s something so fun and funky about these cards for design studio Another Colour. Each card was printed on Neenah’s Fluorescent White Crane’s Lettra (300 gsm), then duplexed onto a Neenah Astrobrights (176 gsm) card. On the back, the company’s logo was blind embossed. Each employee got their own specific color and silhouette cameo, allowing them to express their personality while maintaining that all-important cohesive look.

another colour business cardanother colour business card


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