The Amazing Art of ‘Thank You’

note_125Today there’s a growing backlash against the World Wide Web and its promises to bring us closer together, even as it divides us further than ever before. A growing number of people are killing their Facebook accounts or merely abandoning them, only to wonder how they can improve their relationships in a meaningful way.

Matt Richardson and Brett McCollum have done their bit to grease the wheels of friendship with a paper-thank-you-card set they’re marketing under the Gramr Gratitude Co. name, designed by Chen Design Associates.

The by-subscription cards feature different pictures from hand-picked photographers on the front, and ample note-writing space on the back. Other options include:

  • Sealing wax
  • Envelopes
  • Wax press with your initials
  • The Gramr Locker: a repository for your thank-you note materials, handmade from reclaimed fence boards and laser engraved with the Gramr name.


The beauty of this project is in the details, with the interior of the envelopes being a particularly entertaining example.


Like most unique design projects today, this one was funded by a Kickstarter campaign – $53,000-plus raised on a $15,000 goal. These days you can get the latest version of their Gramr Lockr for $48.




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