First Recyclable Paper Cup

green_125Most of us have done it at least once…OK, more than once – simply tossed that empty paper cup in the recycling bin in hopes that the recycling fairies will magically take care of it. Yet those cups almost always end up in landfills, and heaven knows how many paper cups we go through in a year.

Now the British engineer who brought us the cardboard wine bottle is set to market the world’s first fully recyclable paper cup, the awkwardly named “Green Your Cup.”

It boasts a thin film liner that’s designed to easily come away from the paper in the recycling process, meaning 100% of the paper can be recycled. In traditional cups, that film liner stays stubbornly attached to the paper unless it’s specially handled, which few facilities actually do.

Fantastic! Now if only they decide to keep the green smiling motif 🙂



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