Find Another Toy, Lexus

There seems to be an unabashed race to the bottom going on in the realm of interactive/ immersive print content, and heaven help us if it isn’t Lexus driving us there.

In November, they beseeched us to hold our iPads over their ad in Sports Illustrated in order to see their latest pleasure-dome-on-wheels “come to life,” which was about as  exciting as watching the ones that routinely cut us off in traffic.swimsuit

This time around…well, they’ve only gone and “hidden” some bikini-clad models in their print ad that are revealed when you scan the QR code with your smartphone.

Leaving aside the gender politics of it all for a moment, we should point out that the ad appears in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue! In other words, in a magazine stuffed to the gills with large color photos of skin-baring beauties, they expect you to break out your smartphone to catch a glimpse of a few tiny moving pictures of same in an ad.

Talk about taking coals to Newcastle…


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