Happy Valentine’s Day…Stinkers

wrappingpaperThis is it – the very last day to take advantage of our special Valentine’s Day PaperSpecs PRO membership offer. (To say nothing of the free love-themed paper created by Michael Osborne Design!) But we’ve said our piece on that score. We’ve told you about the free access to the chance to get your questions answered courtesy of the Paper Concierge… That offer ends midnight tonight.

Now it’s time to have some Valentine’s Day fun…with “vinegar Valentines“!

“…some of the most horrifying Vinegar Valentines actually suggest the recepient kill him or herself. But then, if you look at the more light-hearted Valentines, some of them start to seem like a good idea. Have you ever had a haughty saleslady scoff at you for being poor? Have you ever had to listen to a pompous windbag carry on when he doesn’t have any idea what he’s talking about? So many people are blithely unaware of their obnoxious behavior. Wouldn’t it feel great to tell them off, consequence-free?”

Check out this brilliant collection of Valentine’s created between the 1840s and 1940s. (Don’t overlook the page numbers at the bottom — they’re for a gallery of even more “vinegar Valentines.”)



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