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like giants business card

Backed into a corner we will, on occasion, admit that there are some pretty cool business cards out there made of something other than paper (ugh, makes us feel dirty just saying it). This week we take a look at cards that used to be something else, a playful giant with a social media fixation, and a graphic designer’s card that’s like money in the bank. (Previous Cool Cards of the Week can be found here.)

A Card that Opens Doors

Dutch business and entertainment complex Ven Amsterdam is currently being renovated into an amazing new meeting space. Creative company The Brave New Now transformed the old building’s office doors…into business cards for the new facility!

ven amsterdam business card


Giants on the Loose

South African film- and video-production company Like Giants fancy themselves storytellers, but why should they have all the fun? With their clear plastic business card, you can position the clumsy cartoon giant thereon in any number of memorable scenes. And as the cardholder directs, “Take a pic, upload and #LikeGiants to become part of our giant story.”

like giants business cardlike giants business card


Coolest Coin of the Realm

Coins, to us, are a great big cheat when it comes to business cards, like pulling out a flame thrower for a game of rock-paper-scissors. Yet graphic designer Joshua M Smith (aka Hydro74) took the advantage he already enjoyed by going the coin route and ran with it, coming up with a leave-behind every bit as detailed as his illustrations. If the illuminati (good day to our secret overlords) carried business cards, they’d probably look a lot like these.

hydro74 business cardhydro74 business card



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