IKEA's Paper Shop Comes to U.S.

IKEA opens Paper Shop in the U.S.This time last year, we could only smile politely through clenched teeth as IKEA locations in Sweden and Great Britain opened in-store “Paper Shops” featuring notebooks, paper decorations, gift bags and more. “But where is our Paper Shop” we asked innocently, hoping that it didn’t come out as a self-pitying whine. (It did.) But now it seems the Paper Shop has finally landed on our shores…or in the desert, at least.

The IKEA in the Phoenix-suburb of Tempe, Ariz. has just opened its own Paper Shop. Presumably this is only the thin end of the paper wedge, and we’ll soon be up to our eyeballs in meatballs and papery goodness. In the meantime, you can still peruse IKEA’s paper offerings online here.


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