100 Members of the Letterpress Gang

In the old days, one rebelled against the modern world by fleeing the congested streets of Big City America to raise chickens in the country.

Today, it seems creatives rebel by switching off their laptops and staining their fingers operating that workhorse of words and design: the letterpress. (For recent examples: Exhibit A and Exhibit B.)

After paying her dues designing annual reports for years on end, Heather Mitchell switched gears and bought a Vandercook proof press 10 years ago, took some classes, and rejoiced in the act of creation for its own sake.

Earlier this year, Mitchell, founder of letterpress studio Just Vandy, self-published “The Vandercook 100,” a coffee-table book celebrating more than 100 other modern users of the Vandercook letterpress around the world.

Within its 224 pages you will find:

  • Stories from those 100+ letterpress artists, teachers and designers
  • The best tips for maintaining and getting the most out of the Vandercook proof press
  • Information on where to find related manuals, equipment and more.

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