Have Pen, Will Upload

The arranged marriages between paper and technology continue in earnest, with the latest match being a notebook of special paper and a $200-$250 pen called the Livescribe Sky WiFi Smartpen. (We’ll resist the urge to call it the Sky “Wifey” here…oops.)

This pen is a marvel of engineering, boasting a miniature computer inside that records every note you write (in ink) in your notebook to 8 MB of storage space (more than you’re likely to fill up in 6 months of continuous use). It can then broadcast all of those notes via your WiFi connection to Evernote.com, where it is stored as a computer file. The pen also allows you to record audio during the note-taking process, which is then associated with the notes you were taking at the time in your Evernote file.

Once you log into your Evernote account (the first 500 MB of space are free) from your PC, iPad or smartphone, you can access your notes – going back years if the novelty of all this doesn’t wear off on you – and find those diagrams, concept drawings (and poorly drawn ponies) you quickly sketched in meetings.

If this sounds familiar, it should. Back in August, online note storage company Evernote unveiled a partnership with Moleskine, the result of which is a special notebook designed to work with Evernote. This, then, is the special PEN that works with Evernote. All we need now is the special PROJECT designed to work with Evernote.

Who ARE you, Evernote?


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