Luxury: Domestics Visible

ad_125After the Revolution (don’t worry – we’re going to wait it out in Barbados), you will likely find the works of LA artist Ramiro Gomez Jr. hanging proudly in the People’s Museum of Art. His medium of choice? Ads torn from copies of luxurious-living magazines. His series of works, “Domestic Scenes”, will be on display in LA’s Charles James Gallery from Jan. 11th to Feb. 15th.

In typical “why didn’t I think of that” fashion, the artist paints into the ads ghostly images of the domestic workers necessary to keep up the looks of the interiors and exteriors featured.

He began creating his artworks while employed as a nanny for a wealthy West Hollywood family who would give him old copies of Dwell and Architectural Digest – though whether they knew what he was using them for is a bit hazy. Some of his pieces have been acquired by museums such as the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego.


More recently, he’s moved to larger pieces, creating cardboard cutouts of domestic workers that he places outside of real-life Hollywood mansions.



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