Expanded Crane’s Lettra Offerings

Neenah Paper has updated its CRANE’S LETTRA Papers with the addition of a new, mid-weight 90 lb. Cover and a new HP-certified digital finish.

These additions provide designers and printers with another paper alternative in a different weight and the option to print LETTRA digitally for the first time.

This also means you can now combine letterpress with digital on the same project, allowing designers and printers to showcase the feel and texture of paper with multiple methods including engraving, offset, embossing and foil stamping.

The enhancements are available in all three colors of the brand, including Fluorescent White, Pearl White and Ecru White.

“Through Neenah’s latest enhancements, LETTRA is still the premier letterpress paper, but it can now be printed digitally with the same luxurious texture customers expect and HP certification that gives them the confidence they need to try a unique paper like CRANE’S LETTRA,” says Ellen Bliske, brand manager for Neenah Paper.

As a special offer for PaperSpecs Pro members, please log in and select “Mill Swatchbooks” to request a Crane’s Lettra swatchbook.


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