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Swatchdeck calendarPaper company Fedrigoni really started something when they threw down the gauntlet to design students to design a 2015 calendar to promote their Woodstock line. Take Rachel Hinchliffe in Huddersfield, England, who tapped into that deep well of passion that all designers have for the spot where calendars and swatchbooks intersect. We’ll let Ms. Hinchliffe explain her project:

“The calendar has been designed around a wood theme concentratiing on how wood logs are stored, hence the wood crate styled base that holds the calendar wedges in place. Each calendar month consists of a paper wedge made up of various gsm weights and 3 complimentary colours. I wanted the calendar to be functional as well as original. Due to each paper wedge consisting of 3 complimentary colours, it makes the calendar not only functional at displaying the date and day but also as a colour scheme indicator.”

The designer’s work calls to mind that of Peter von Freyhold, whose swatchbook calendars have been a source of infinite delight for a great many, including those who wander the halls of PaperSpecs Towers.

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Swatchdeck calendarSwatchdeck calendar


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