Motion Silhouette


What B. J. Novak accomplished in his recently published “The Book with No Pictures,” Tatsuhiko Niijima and Megumi Kajiwara have done in their book with no words. “Motion Silhouette” is an exquisitely handcrafted piece that turns the notion of a traditional printed book on its head to become a performance piece.

Inspired by artist Ryota Kuwakubo’s installation The Tenth Sentiment, the duo uses form and light to tell moving stories that require the reader to participate.

It’s a pop-up book in that each illustrated two-page spread has a hand-cut image rising from the center like a divider. Shine a light source (in the video it’s an iPhone) from one side of the pop-up, you get one story. Shine the light from the other side, and you have a different story. (Trees in the park or lightning in the sky?)

I love that the book shows how to inventively combine technology and technique – digital printing with hand binding ­– to create something so engaging and special. It’s also an important reminder of how personal projects enrich our lives and expand our creative spirits.

[Editor’s note: Inquiries regarding the book should be sent to Megumi Kajiwara at [email protected]]

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Project Details

Title Motion Silhouette Client Private Works Date December 2013 Design Tatsuhiko Niijima
Megumi Kajiwara
Print Tatsuhiko Niijima Paper TS-3 N-8 151gsm; Viparl P 0306; Harfair Ash 104gsm; HeriosGA White 244gsm

Production Details

Dimensions 266 x 166mm Page Count 14 Production Time 4 months Printing Method Digital Number of Colors Cover: CMYK; Body: One color Finishing and Binding Special handwork


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