Anne Lessmeister Business Card


The idea came also from the fact that Anne loves these photo booths; she takes photos of herself doing small performances.

“All the world’s a stage,” wrote Shakespeare. The same can be said for this delightfully different business card that was designed, photographed, printed, and assembled in-house by the creatives at Perezramerstorfer. Their actress client, Anne Lessmeister, literally takes center stage in this mini paper play with four acts.

A circular window, cut by hand, punctuates two pieces of peachy-tan colored stock. Mounted in the center is a piece of clear film printed with images of the actress’ most essential physical tools of the craft: face, hands and feet.

It’s a look that is so unique (the card immediately distinguishes itself) and so appropriate for the client. That the small portraits were printed on a transparent medium allows the viewer to hold her image up to a “spotlight.”

So as not to upstage the main character, the type is a simple san-serif printed in black. The unexpected thinness of a card with three layers was also a great design choice – thick enough to stand up, but not so beefy that it distracted from an overall feminine quality.

That the card’s color scheme and round photo format perfectly match her website is a nice final touch.

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Project Details

Title Anne Lessmeister Business Card Client Anne Lessmeister Date June 2013 Design Perezramerstorfer creative studio Print Perezramerstorfer creative studio Vienna, Austria

Production Details

Dimensions 88 x 55 mm Print Quantity 200 Production Time 3 days Printing Method Digital Number of Colors CMYK Finishing and Binding Handwork

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