Book Burning – Rapper Style

Okay, let’s get the disclaimer out of the way first. “We have never inhaled.”

No, no that’s not right. What we want to say in all seriousness is, “We do not advocate smoking of any substance. It’s bad for your health.”

However, a new book by rapper Snoop Dogg is an interesting and creative marketing promotion for his new line of rolling papers. Entitled Rolling Words, the tome contains lyrics to some of Snoop’s most memorable classics. (I mean who can forget “Drop It Like It’s Hot?”)

The cover is made from hemp fiber (a renewable and appropriate paper choice). The paper is designed to be smokeable. I guess this means the project has a closed loop life cycle. There is even a convenient striking pad on the spine. Ironically, the inks are non-toxic.

To get a closer look at the book and hear from the man himself, there is the YouTube video to enjoy.

[youtube= HkfC2dfNHGM ]


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