FSC Marketplace Nears Completion

To build connections between the demand for and supply of FSC products, FSC is developing a B2B Web-based platform called the FSC Marketplace.

The platform, which FSC plans to launch by the middle of the year, aims to make it much easier and quicker to locate potential buyers and sellers of FSC-certified products.

It will include profiles of FSC-certified companies from the whole forest products industry – from logging operations, timber merchants and brokers, to manufacturers, pulp and paper producers, and furniture makers.

Companies can present, free of charge, information about their production capacity, volumes and species used relating to both finished and unfinished products, and information about the company itself including contact details.

There will also be space for FSC certificate holders to advertise via banner advertisements or premium profiles.

The pilot FSC Marketplace is currently being tested by network partners to improve its operation and ensure good functionality. For more information, please contact [email protected].


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