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train ticket business card

From elegant travel to a touch of glitter, we go far and wide to bring you new ways to design an old marketing tool. This week, we discover a new riff on the edge-painted business card, test drive a variety of different papers for silk screened ones, and explore a card for a steam train company that resembles a ticket to ride. (Previous Cool Cards of the Week can be found right here.)

Glitter-edge Business Card

Bohemia, N.Y.’s Dolce Press has poured a wee bit of pixie dust into its letterpress operations to create these glitter-edge creations. A technique that takes simple edge-painted cards to the next level, it includes a variety of colors from which to choose.

glitter edge business cardglitter edge business card


Silkscreened Business Card

Sometimes something as simple as using a variety of different papers can really perk up your business card offerings. Designer Panos Nikolaou silkscreened his distinctive monogram on several sheets (including those with a foil finish) resulting in an assortment of paper emissaries certain to open doors.

silkscreened business cardsilkscreened business card


Train Ticket Business Card

This business card for The Victoria Falls Steam Train Company, which wanted to “reflect the luxury, elegance and old-world romance of steam train travel in colonial Rhodesia,” does an amazing job. Cape Town’s BitterSuite Communications Agency used gold foil and artificially aged paper to transform a simple business card into a piece that would look right at home in someone’s scrapbook. Stunning.

train ticket business cardtrain ticket business card


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