Pantone Nude: 110 Shades of Perfection

Pantone nude color guidePantone has successfully boiled down the essence of color for everything from makeup to fashion, and now it’s having a go at Pantone nude skin tones. 

Touted as “the first scientifically based guide for matching and reproducing lifelike skin tones,” the Pantone SkinTone Guide and Color Manager software (actually COLOR MANAGER software, but we have to stop this arbitrary capitalization someplace) could be a godsend for color correction.

Each of the guide’s 110 pages (arranged from light to dark) features a skin tone and a small round cutout – just hold it up to the model being photographed and find the closest skin shade. Each Pantone nude shade is identified with a letter and a number that represents both the tone and the undertone, ranging from the lightest yellow (1Y01 SP) to the reddest (4R15 SP) tones.

Pantone Nude color swatches

The Pantone nude guide is available for purchase and includes access to the Pantone Color Manager software after registration; the SkinTone Guide colors are also available as individual Plastic Standard chips for an additional cost. Ordering info can be found here.


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