Your Secret Weapon for Designing Sustainable Packaging

Spotlight: Nobelus

When it comes to the environment, you mean well. Your clients mean well. Even your clients’ customers mean well. But for the longest time all those good intentions have hit one enormous brick wall with the petrochemical-based laminates used in premium packaging today. Now, those days are finally over. With Nobelus’ recent introduction of EcoElement CLS Gloss and EcoElement CLS Matte – two thermal films made from cellulose – you can at last provide your clients with a sustainable option for everything from liquor and luxury packaging to premium folded cartons and more.

Both feature superb color tonality and clarity. In addition:

  • EcoElement CLS Gloss provides you with a brilliant gloss and low haze
  • EcoElement CLS Matte features low glare and a non-reflective surface


What Makes EcoElement So Different?

Up till now the creation of any premium packaging designed to stand up to repeated handling has meant using plastic-based films to protect the printing, as well as the integrity of the package itself. Naturally, that plastic has made this packaging extremely difficult to recycle, meaning it’s all gone straight into the landfills.

Both EcoElement CLS Matte and Gloss 1.4 mil laminates feature a base film that is plastic free, adhere to almost any substrate, and are made from:

  • Highly refined, PEFC-certified wood pulp from sustainably managed forests
  • Reground cellulose film (20%-25%)

The cellulose base film boasts some extremely impressive eco-credentials all on its own, including a BPI Certification, which means it complies with the specifications established in the American Society for Testing and Materials “ASTM” standard D6400 and/or D6868, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the International Biodegradable Products Institute Inc. Licensing and Certification Program for Compostable Products.


An Eco-Friendly Laminate Ready for Anything

Just because these films are refreshingly sustainable doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice printing and finishing versatility – far from it. Both EcoElement CLS Matte and Gloss will take just about any technique you care to throw at them, including:

  • Offset/UV/screen printing
  • Die cutting
  • Folding
  • Gluing
  • Stamping
  • Embossing/debossing

This makes them perfect for:

  • Folded carton packaging
  • Electronics packaging
  • Consumer goods packaging
  • Secondary cosmetics packaging
  • Liquor and luxury packaging
  • Gift packaging
  • Flexible packaging

and so much more.

Ready to experience for yourself how luxurious a truly sustainable luxury packaging can be? Enter to win one of 50 EcoElement CLS kits right now! (And everyone who enters will receive a sample sheet for both EcoElement CLS Gloss and Matte!) Hurry, this contest ends Aug. 12th! (North American entries only, please.) [THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED.]



EcoElement is a pending trademark of Nobelus LLC. 


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