Through a Glass Decoratively: Add ‘Wow’ to Windows with Nekoosa Glass Finishes


Spotlight: Nekoosa

From lending an air of privacy and sophistication to conference rooms to transforming store-front windows into customer magnets, you can expand your client’s brand in ways you never thought possible with Nekoosa Glass Finishes.

Add the perfect color, ambiance, functionality, and level of privacy to any interior or exterior space (with up to 7 years of outdoor durability) using these decorative commercial window films.


Choose from the unique finishes below, listed here based on the percentage of light that passes through them. (The higher the percentage, the clearer the film.)

  • Sand Matte: 19% (Offering the most privacy)
  • Deep Etch: 44%
  • Sand Blast: 48%
  • Light Etch: 56%
  • Dusted Crystal: 73% (Offering the least privacy)
  • Frost: 73% (Offering the least privacy)

An additional Bird Safety Window Film features a frosted dot pattern that allows birds to detect reflective windows, preventing their deaths and injuries, while also minimizing structural damage to the glass and building. (This film is also part of the Nekoosa Promise line of sustainable media owing to its ability to minimize the broader impact of bird death on pollination and crop production.)


All Nekoosa Glass Finishes work well with:

  • Offset Printing (Conventional and UV)
  • Screen Printing
  • Wide Format Printing (Solvent, Eco-Solvent, Latex and UV)
  • Plotter Cutting (to create intricate decals, logos and displays)


There’s really no end to the different ways you can use Nekoosa Glass Finishes, including for:

  • Lobby Windows: Establish unique, artistic accents on windows or glass doors throughout
  • Decorative Windows: Fill windows with unique, colorful, eye-catching designs
  • Conference Room and Office Windows: Create everything from ultra-private conference spaces and offices to dynamic windows that reflect your client’s brand
  • Retail Space Windows: Nothing grabs the eye and captures the imagination quite like windows that showcase a store’s branding and special offers


And just as with all the Nekoosa films you’ve come to rely on for your signage and graphics, these commercial window films bring your images and design work to life using the finest materials in the business. Each film includes a solvent-performance permanent adhesive and a PET liner for optimum durability and printability.


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Nekoosa Glass Finishes is a trademark of Nekoosa.


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