Spread Your Message Everywhere With YUPO Octopus & YUPOJelly

Spotlight: Yupo Corp.

In today’s ever-changing pandemic reality, communication is vital, especially through signage in and around restaurants, retail outlets, and any other space people might frequent. Now you can offer your clients a super-easy way to post their latest COVID-related guidelines, as well as to change out window and other displays themselves – all without having to bring in help from outside to do it. Your secret tools: YUPO Octopus and YUPOJelly. Both cling to any smooth, flat surface, and peel away without leaving any sticky residue behind. You can even reuse them again and again. Check out the video above to see just how easy it is!


YUPO Octopus: Your Opaque, Go-Anywhere Ambassador

Whether you print standard offset, UV screen, or even digital printing, colors pop on the YUPO Octopus synthetic substrate, making it ideal for everything from decorative wall applications to POP displays. And thanks to Yupo’s patented micro-suction technology, you can stick it on any smooth, flat surface in seconds. Simply clean the area that you want to apply it to and put it up. And because it’s YUPO, it’s also waterproof and tear resistant, which means you can put it almost anywhere.


Use it for:

  • Retail floor graphics
  • Small promotional stickers
  • Decorative wall displays
  • Restaurant table tops and menus
  • POP displays

You can even use it for court graphics wherever sports are played!

With 5 different grades of YUPO Octopus available, you’ll find one that works with the printing method of your choice, including:

  • Offset
  • Inkjet
  • UV screen printing
  • HP Indigo

And Yupo is hard at work on even more versions of YUPO Octopus!

Spread Your Message Everywhere With YUPO Octopus & YUPOJelly


YUPOJelly: Your Window on a Whole New World of Signage

Need a clear, translucent base for sprucing up your windows and doors with compelling graphics and important messages? Then you want YUPOJelly, which uses the same tiny suction-cup technology as YUPO Octopus. The difference? You can reverse print both text and images so that they appear indoors and outdoors on both sides of the glass. For example, your client can entice people with a special offer on their glass door facing outside, while reminding them to sign-up for a rewards program as they leave on the opposite side – all with a single YUPOJelly piece.

Use Again and Again

Both YUPO Octopus and YUPOJelly have been trusted by companies that range from Nike and Neiman Marcus to local restaurants and yoga studios. This is thanks, in part, to the fact that they are easily removed without leaving behind messy residue, and can even be stored away for future use. Simply keep flat and reapply to the same backing, or to flat sheets of other YUPO treeless paper. (You can even store them on traditional paper, though you will want to make sure they peel off this last option before putting them away for later.) That’s it!


‘As Good as the Day We Put Them Up’

As glimpsed in the video above, Clampitt Paper in Dallas has carried both YUPO Octopus and YUPOJelly for nearly 10 years now, using the former on windows inside their headquarters for privacy (see below), while deploying Jelly for window and door graphics.

Spread Your Message Everywhere With YUPO Octopus & YUPOJelly - PaperSpecs

“Our Octopus signs were printed on a Canon aqueous printer more than 8 years ago and still look as good as the day we put them up,” explains Clampitt’s John McGuire. “It die cuts and router cuts well and is great when making circles (often seen with social distancing signage).”


Ready to see for yourself just how gorgeous and easy-to-use YUPO Octopus and YUPOJelly can be? Enter to win one of 70 copies of the beautiful YUPO swatchbook, which includes samples of both. Hurry, this contest ends Feb. 18th! (North American entries only, please.)


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YUPO Octopus, YUPOJelly and YUPO are all registered trademarks of Yupo Corp.


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