‘Why Giraff’ Card

Surprises are pretty rare these days – you’re lucky if you can even watch your favorite show without someone on Twitter giving away the ending first. Sensing the value of a good surprise, brand design house Giraff came up with an unassuming-looking leave-behind card that leaves potential clients in no doubt as to what Giraff is all about.

“One of the first questions when I arrive at a meeting is ‘Why do you call your company Giraff,’” explains studio founder Tal Huber. “I wanted to leave behind a surprising product that would convey the message of a highly creative company.”

And she wanted the very act of opening that card to answer that ubiquitous question: “Why Giraff”?

So…why DOES she call it Giraff? Let’s find out.

Giraff unfolding card

Picking up the card – a chunky Black 300 gram (110 lb. Cover) Favini Burano sheet – we’re presented with that question in white ink digitally printed by Hauser Printing in huge letters. Lifting the top flap of what will ultimately prove to be a tri-fold reveals another word, “discover,” in much smaller white-ink letters on the bottom tri-fold panel. Lift that piece and –

Surprise! The words “We aim higher” practically leap out at you in huge white letters inside a unique oyster fold!

Now I’ve seen my fair share of custom folds, but there’s something so unpredictable about the way this piece blossoms like a rose. If you’re any kind of print nerd at all – or even if you’re just someone who likes to fidget – you simply can’t resist opening and closing it a few more times to watch the bloom and contraction of the fold.

A closer look at the piece reveals that the “oyster” itself is actually a lighter sheet (90 gram or 60 lb. Text) of that same Burano paper, the folding lines laser engraved, glued to the outer card, and then hand folded.

Giraff unfolding card

And…yep, you’re way ahead of me. Giraff has generously agreed to send us copies of this inspiring piece to be included in a future VIP Box for our VIP members! Start your VIP membership right now and you might be one of the lucky ones to receive this ingenious piece.

As a member you will receive four VIP Boxes a year brimming with rare print pieces from around the world just perfect for sharing with clients, printers, and for inspiring your own work to even greater heights.

Giraff unfolding card

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Giraff unfolding card

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Project Details

Title ‘Why Giraff’ Card Client Self Design Giraff Israel Print Hauser Printing Paper Exterior: Black 300 gram (110 lb. Cover) Favini Burano; Interior: Black 90 gram (60 lb. Text) Favini Burano

Production Details

Printing Method Digital Finishing and Binding Laser engraving, glue, hand folding

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