Mohawk Superfine + Risograph Print Set

Mohawk Superfine + Risograph print set

Must Have: Mohawk

Earlier this month saw the unveiling of “Make with Mohawk,” a bold three-part campaign designed to inspire, issue creative challenges, and provide you the resources you need to bring your next print passion project to life. Your first step? Grab your copy of the Mohawk Superfine + Risograph print set right now!

The first of three sets to feature a compelling combination of print techniques and Mohawk papers, Superfine + Risograph is a study in fearlessness, which is what makes it so powerful.

Mohawk Superfine + Risograph print set

It begins with three shades of Mohawk Superfine – one of the most crisp, consistent and subtly tactile sheets there is – and then uses that perfection to show off the wild unpredictability of Risograph printing.  It’s a quirky process prone to off-registration, limited colors, and uneven ink coverage. And in this print set it’s all excitingly contrasted against the perfection of Mohawk Superfine.

Ready to be inspired by this collision of quirk and precision? Order your Mohawk Superfine + Risograph print set right now! 


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