‘Simply Bourbon’ Book

Sappi 'Simply Bourbon' Book

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Like a fine handcrafted bourbon, Sappi’s McCoy line of premium papers are the result of a meticulous selection of ingredients, years of expert knowhow, and a stubborn refusal to put their name on anything less than the best product they can make. Which is why the book “Simply Bourbon: An Introduction to America’s Most Beloved Spirit” is such a perfect demonstration of McCoy’s strengths.

Sappi 'Simply Bourbon' Book

It employs beautiful photography and compelling design to show off McCoy’s consistent, beautiful bright-white printing surface. It also, quite cleverly, invites us to draw a comparison between crafting quality bourbon and a quality sheet. As you enjoy the bold contrast of the darkest elements against the brightest whites—with rich, saturated images seeming to pop off the page—they know you’ll realize that everything that goes into producing McCoy is top shelf. The book also demonstrates how telling a story in print connects people to a subject in a deep, meaningful way.

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Sappi 'Simply Bourbon' Book


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