Cougar ’Luxury Within Reach’ Promotion

Must Have: Domtar

When your printed piece absolutely must convey a sense of splendor, quality and exclusivity, your paper of choice has to be Cougar. Domtar’s new promotion, “Luxury Within Reach,” brings this point home starting with its cover, which cleverly resembles a high-end invitation, complete with elegant gold foil and a surface just begging to be touched. Inside, Cougar’s signature velvety feel continues that tactile appeal, while bursts of vivid color and beautiful photography give you just a taste of how luxurious your own designs can be when printed on this versatile sheet.

With three finishes, two colors, matching envelopes, an extended digital offering and a vast array of sizes and weights, Cougar is bound to become your go-to sheet if it isn’t already. This is particularly true for projects that need to make a statement, generate impact and get noticed. From 60 lb. Text to 160 lb. Double-Thick Cover options, Cougar can turn any project into a luxurious experience.

Ready to see just how good Cougar can look in person? Request your copy of “Luxury Within Reach” right now! Hurry, this offer ends Nov. 29th! (North American requests only, please.)

This offer has ended but PRO members can get a copy below.


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