‘Label’s Secret’ Box

Must Have: Zanders

Chromolux from Zanders, with its flawless smoothness, may be one of the best-best known sheets in print history and, as it turns out, your best bet for crafting attention-grabbing labels, too. Discover for yourself the magic and versatility of Chromolux labels in the “Label’s Secret” Box. Inside you’ll find:

  • More than 30 Chromolux labels. Each is beautifully designed with a Pantone color, hot-foil stamping, or both, all inside a handy booklet.
  • ‘Label’s Secret’ poster. Its smooth surface and brilliant colors make reviewing the four key aspects of successful labels an absolute pleasure.
  • ‘Label’s Secret’ packaging. The treasures above are all neatly contained within an elaborate box that intrigues with pastel colors on the outer sleeve, and board-grade Chromolux on the inside. Both have the unique, trademark glossiness and smoothness for which cast-coated Chromolux is known the world over.

Discover for yourself the inspiring possibilities of Chromolux labels. Enter to win one of 25 ‘Label’s Secret’ Boxes right now! Hurry, contest ends Dec. 20th!


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