Vibrant Gmund Colors Compendium Set

Must Have: Gmund

There’s something deeply appealing about the Gmund Colors Compendiums – an evolution of the humble swatchbook into something more beautiful. From the outside, its clean White cover gives it the appearance of an art journal. Inside, you not only discover the customary paper chips and specifications, you’re also treated to the Gmund Colors line in action, featuring different printing and finishing techniques designed to give you a clear idea of what you can expect from this vibrant stock. These include:

  • Embossing
  • Offset (and UV offset)
  • Digital printing
  • Hot foil
  • Screen printing.

There’s a Compendium for each of these vibrant Gmund Color System lines:

  • Gmund Colors Matt: (48 colors!)
  • Gmund Colors Felt
  • Gmund Colors Metallic
  • Gmund Colors Transparent.

(The line is available in North America through LCI Paper, Announcement Converters and Astro Paper.)

The elegance of these books demonstrates the 2 1/2 years of careful thought that went into the development of the system, including these guarantees:

  • All colors/finishes will look great together
  • Long-time availability (10 year minimum)
  • Worldwide availability – you can spec the same papers anywhere!

[THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED] Want a Gmund Colors Compendium set of your own? Enter to win a 4-volume set right now! Hurry, contest ends Sept. 19th! (North American entries only, please.)


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