MCA Luminocity Gala Invite 2013


I’ve spent many happy Saturday mornings being inspired by collectible flea market finds. As a paper lover, pieces of ephemera like cards and Christmas ornaments are especially exciting (and hard to find). The honeycomb foldout fan on MCA Denver’s Luminocity Gala invitation brings this Victorian element forward for a joyous look, feel and sound.

The fan attached to the inside of the accordion-folded table invite is actually a 14-inch yellow paper daisy. The smooth shiny surface of the 100 lb. Endurance Gloss Cover is an appealing contrast to the fan’s delicate tissue.

Opening the piece not only surprises you with layers of texture and dimension, but adds a soft crackling sound characteristic of this type of foldout. Ellen Bruss Design further ignites sensory fireworks with a fluorescent orange and yellow palette.

An elegant looping “Spirograph” design visually echoes the shapes on the honeycomb fan and provides consistency between the two versions of the invitation package: the foldout sent to those likely to buy whole tables for the event and a general one that placed invite cards inside a diecut sleeve (simpler, but still vibrant and enticing).

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Project Details

Title MCA Luminocity Gala Invite 2013 Client MCA Denver Date September 2013 Design Ellen Bruss
Bill Sievertsen
Print Tewell Warren
Denver, CO
Paper Invite: Xpedx Endurance Gloss 100 lb. Cover
Envelopes: Mohawk BriteHue

Production Details

Dimensions Table Mailer: 21"x5", folds to 7"x 5"
Invitation Package Sleeve: 5.25" x 7.75"
Envelopes: A2, A8
Print Quantity Table Mailer: 350
Invitation Package: 3,050
Production Time 7 days Printing Method Offset Number of Colors One color + fluorescent ink Finishing and Binding Table Mailer: Capacity score & perf mailer, affix supplied fan, hand folded
Invitation Package: diecut & glued, sleeve score 1 card, collated, & inserted into sleeve


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