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The ultimate lesson here was that additional steps might be tricky, but they are sometimes necessary to achieve the best finished product

– Jon McClure, Designer


When you seek to provide the nation’s top hotels and spas with luxurious body lotions and other high-end amenities, what approach should you take with your print communications? In the case of William Roam, the answer is classy yet playful, thanks to the use of several printing and finishing techniques.

“They wanted to be represented as an American-made company—while feeling polished, unique and elegant,” explains McClure at Miles Design. William Roam also wanted to use recycled paper, which posed its own challenges.

“The paper itself is harder and more substantive,” he says, “which provides a strong impression, but removes some of the traditional depth of the letterpress.”

Miles Design tackled this problem with a strategic use of different processes, including offset and letterpress printing courtesy of Faulkenberg Printing Co., as well as edge painting and the application of clear foil.

The business cards in particular display a level of craftsmanship that puts one in mind of luxurious surroundings, while the mustache, nose and glasses logo keeps everything light and fun. A nice added touch: each note card features die cut half-circle tabs between which a business card can be snugly inserted.

“For the business card specifically, the stock color wasn’t available so we had to flood the reverse with PMS Black 7, then duplex the card for the appropriate thickness,” says McClure. “We then had to letterpress the card before trimming and edge painting with PMS 383.”

The result beautifully shows off Rolland Enviro100’s smooth finish while offering identity materials that easily pass the toughest environmental sniff test with a sheet that is FSC certified, and made with both 100% PCF and biogas.

Though all of this “required some additional time and cost,” McClure says, “in the end it resulted in a suite that reflects the complexity and nuance of the brand.”

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Project Details

Title William Roam Stationery Client William Roam Date January 2013 Design Miles Design Brian Gray, Jon McClure Print Faulkenberg Printing Co. Franklin, IN Paper Rolland Enviro100 100 lb. Cover, 80 lb. Text

Production Details

Dimensions Business Card: 2 × 3.5"
Letterhead: 8.5 × 11"
Thank You Card: 9.25 × 3.825"
Envelope: 10.925 × 4.125"
Print Quantity 2,500 Production Cost $5,200 Production Time 3 weeks Printing Method Offset, letterpress Number of Colors 2 colors (PMS 583 + Black 7) Finishing and Binding Clear foil, edge painting

  1. Cristina Serralta 8 years ago

    Very unique yet simple design, love the mix with letterpress and clear foil stamp! Nice project!

  2. Luka Gar 8 years ago

    Very interesting design. Is there writing that usually goes on the white space between the business card and the logo on the index card?

    I’m digging the use of colors and even though there is a minimum number of colors, is it still able to express what the company is about.

    • Aaron - PaperSpecs 8 years ago

      Not sure about the writing, Luka, but completely agree with your opinion!

  3. Amy 8 years ago

    Great use of clear foil!

  4. Kimberlie 8 years ago

    There is a dot-matrix feel to the styling that curiously lends to the “quality” feel of the project. Retro can be cool, or add to a feeling of being long-established and holding to a tradition rather than a trend.

    • Aaron - PaperSpecs 8 years ago

      An interesting observation, Kimberlie.

  5. Jon McClure 8 years ago

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. To answer your question Luka. The left side of the notecard was left blank for the client to ride a note, allowing it to be a bit more personable.

  6. Margie Adcock 6 years ago

    Very nice! I would like to ask how the edge painting for the card was done?

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