Exit…Stage Left Business Card


This is one of those business cards that makes me want to run to the nearest exit … just so I can catch up with the folks who created it and congratulate them!

The thickness is the first thing that struck me; and to be honest, when I first picked it up, I thought it might be made of a plastic substrate. But NO! It’s Bainbridge 50/50 Total Gray museum board glued to a sheet of Crescent Pure Red construction paper.

Simultaneously, I was marveling at those oh-so-familiar chunky letters that typically flash red at every emergency exit. I love how the bulk of the stock gives the letter cuts a depth that makes this 3.5 x 2 business card look like it’s ready to hang on the wall in some miniature world.

The type on the back was truly amazing – it’s not white ink, it’s laser etching done prior to being glued to the laser-cut museum board.

Exit…Stage Left Business Card was featured as a Paper Inspiration.




Project Details

Title Exit...Stage Left Business Card Client Exit...Stage Left Design Studio Date March 2011 Design Alessandro Gugliotta Print Alessandro Gugliotta Paper Bainbridge 50/50 Total Gray Museum Board
Crescent Pure Red Construction Paper

Production Details

Dimensions 3.5" x 2" Print Quantity 50 Production Cost $4 each Production Time 1 week Printing Method Laser cut Number of Colors 2 colors Finishing and Binding Gluing
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