Starshaped Press Wedding Collection Sampler

Seeing and touching wedding invitation samples is as important as the cake tastings… probably more important when you consider how long that invite will be around.

That’s why this promotional package from Starshaped Press, a design and letterpress studio in Chicago, is such a great way to assemble a portfolio for would-be (pun intended) clients.

Take the latest or the greatest samples, wrap them in letterpress printed kraft paper, and tie it all up with string. (I may be dating myself, but I can remember coming home from the grocery store as a child with packages of cheese wrapped in a similar way.) It feels fresh, personal and flexible. Plus, the package is plain old fun to open and see what wonderful printing surprises are contained inside.

The design and printing creativity is on full display with each sample. Working only with old pieces of metal and wood type that the studio collects (no new computer-generated plates here), you get to see how they create something aesthetically modern from something so old-fashioned.

(Some of my favorites samples include: one where various ornamental cuts are cleverly arranged to look like the Chicago skyline; a silver envelope combined with an invitation printed on pearlized paper with type in shades of platinum; and another that resembles a CD case, which is printed on cardboard (the RSVP materials are tucked inside the space that would hold the disc.).

Starshaped Press Wedding Collection Sampler was featured as a Paper Inspiration.



Project Details

Title Starshaped Press Wedding Collection Sampler Client Starshaped Press Date Ongoing Design Jennifer Farrell, Sarah Vogel Print Starshaped Press
Chicago, IL
Paper Selection of French Paper, Neenah Paper, and others, plus kraft paper

Production Details

Dimensions approximately 6" x 9" Print Quantity Ongoing Production Time Ongoing Printing Method Letterpress Number of Colors Varies by piece


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