Bloomingdale’s Loyallist Luxe Gift Box

These days it seems like every company wants you to become a member, whether it’s your local supermarket or the gas station down the street. Yet few make their members feel as appreciated as Bloomingdale’s. Not only do they offer seemingly endless perks as part of their Loyallist program, but they also present their elite members with their very own personalized metal membership card in a gift box that practically cries out “Come let us pamper you!”

Designed by the department store’s in-house team and produced by our good friends at DataGraphic [projects / website], the package arrives in a Black corrugated shipping box that gives nothing away.

Lifting the lid reveals the first luxurious surprise: the front of the gift box inside features the “Loyallist Luxe” name repeated over and over again in Black foil on Black paper with a slight impression, taking full advantage of the tone-on-tone effect that is oh-so-trendy right now. [PRO members: Get this look with our exclusive PRO Tip!] (This is actually 80 lb. Neenah Classic Crest Epic Black Smooth Text wrapped around 60 pt. solid Black board.)

Against this midnight backdrop floats the “Loyallist Luxe” name once more, this time rendered in shimmering Gold foil. Removing the turned-edge package from the shipping box reveals that this Black-on-Black foil branding completely covers the front and back of the gift package, the deep relief of the foil stamping giving it an exciting – and yes, luxurious – feel. Along the edges are “Welcome to Loyallist Luxe 2022” and the Bloomingdale’s logo, also in Gold foil.

When you can’t stand the anticipation any longer, you lift up the lid like the cover of a book to discover it’s held securely shut by magnetic closures that let loose with a satisfying “plop” when you let them fall into place once more – always the mark of a quality closure.

Inside, a smart-looking member benefits booklet rests in a form-fitting Black insert tray, complete with a die-cut thumb notch for easy removal. The Saddle Stitched, 8-page booklet was digitally printed CMYK and features an uncoated Black-printed cover – 130 lb. Finch Fine Bright White Ultra Smooth Cover [PRO members: Get Swatchbook!] – with Black and Gold foiling, repeating the box’s tone-on-tone effect. (Interior pages are 100 lb. Moorim USA Nantucket Silk Coated Text.)

On the inside front cover of the package are 3 cards held in snug wells, each with their own die-cut thumb notch. The top 1 is the metal Loyallist Luxe membership card emblazoned with the owner’s name. The next 2 are gift cards good for complimentary lunches and shoes, each consisting of 2 100 lb. Neenah Classic Crest Epic Black Cover sheets duplex-laminated together and screen printed with White and Gold inks. These were die cut with rounded corners and then edge painted in Gold. A glue dot on the back of each was used to ensure that they would remain in their respective wells during shipping.

The entire box exudes both luxury and keen attention to detail, giving the recipient the feeling that no expense will be spared in ensuring that they get the “luxe” treatment they deserve.

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Project Details

Title Bloomingdale’s Loyallist Luxe Gift Box Client Bloomingdale's Date December 2021 Design Bloomingdales in-house
Print DataGraphic Paper Gift box: Neenah Classic Crest Epic Black Smooth 80 lb. Text wrapped around 60 pt. solid Black board;
Booklet: Cover: Finch Fine Bright White Ultra Smooth 130 lb. Cover;
Interior: Moorim USA Nantucket Silk Coated 100 lb. Text
Gift cards: Neenah Classic Crest Epic Black 100 lb. Cover sheets duplex-laminated

Production Details

Printing Method Booklet: Digital; Gift cards: Screen printing Finishing and Binding Foil stamping, die cutting, hand assembly

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