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It’s rare to receive an invitation in the mail these days – our invites for Taronga Zoo have become highly anticipated and collectable.

– Steven Scott, Art Director/Designer

When you’re trying to rustle up the dollarydoos necessary for a zoo’s housing and research of a family of sea lions, it helps immensely if you can bring their personalities to life in your fund-raiser invitation. With clever die cuts and a dash of gold foil, Australia’s Another Colour did this wonderfully in their “Make a Splash” piece for that country’s Taronga Zoo.

Make a Splash Invitation - PaperSpecs

The first thing you notice upon sliding the piece from its envelope is just how well the front’s gold-foil stamped typography works with the aquatic color scheme.

Go on: lift the cover. Voila – a quartet of sea lions in various states of light-hearted play bring a smile to your face as their flippers go for your wallet. Continue to pull it open and you quickly discover that it’s an accordion-folded sheet that transforms the 2D images you just saw – via skillful die cuts – into three-dimensional sea lions that literally burst out of the page, each fold appearing to be an ocean wave.

Make a Splash Invitation - PaperSpecs

Only when it’s fully opened do you get all the details about the Taronga Zoo fund-raising event. And in keeping with the institution’s environmental beliefs, the whole thing was printed by Sydney’s Burwood Press on 100% post-consumer recycled Ecostar uncoated stock.

All very noble. But at the end of the day the success of the invitation must rise and fall on how quickly it separates you from your cash. And gazing at the die-cut little heads peeping at you from above the paper waves, how could you not throw a few fish, er, bucks, their way?


Make a Splash Invitation - PaperSpecs


Project Details

Title Make a Splash Invitation Client Taronga Zoo Date June 2015 Design Another Colour Steve Scott Print Burwood Press, Sydney, Australia Paper BJ Ball Ecostar Uncoated

Production Details

Dimensions Invite: DL (100 × 210mm)
Program: 160 x 160 mm
Print Quantity 2,000 Production Time One week Printing Method Offset Number of Colors CMYK + foil Finishing and Binding Diecut, foil


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