The Design Deck Playing Cards


Learning though play is a great idea. Just ask any three-year-old. Ben Barrett-Forrest tapped into this notion when he conceived of a set of playing cards dubbed The Design Deck – an approachable joyful way of spreading a little graphic design knowledge in the world. And couldn’t the world use a little more of that!

The project, funded through a Kickstarter campaign, was clearly a labor of love for this graphic designer. I admire all the research Ben did to compile the many facts, quotes and tips that comprise the content and serve as inspiration for the graphics. Clever and cohesive, the deck makes uses these great principles of design. And yes, the deck is completely usable for poker, euchre or whatever game you wish to play.

Professionally produced by experts in this type of printing, the inks are crisp and vivid and the areas of 4-point type are perfectly readable. The smooth slippery feel of the Bicycle paper is the hallmark of any deck of cards. (We hear card sharks powder theirs.)


Project Details

Title The Design Deck Playing Cards Date August 2014 Design Ben Barrett-Forrest Print The U.S. Playing Card Co.
Erlinger, KY
Paper Bicycle Stock with
air-cushion finish

Production Details

Dimensions 2.5 x 3.5" Page Count 56 cards Print Quantity 3,100 decks Production Cost $8,000 Production Time 3 months Printing Method Offset Number of Colors CMYK Finishing and Binding Custom tuck case


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