Client Fortune Teller Tarot Cards


It’s a tall order to design something that appeals to other designers. But when a printer needed a promotional piece to hand out at a design conference, Veronica Rourke dealt her client a fortunate hand indeed.

Tarot is the inspiration here. Before a meeting with a new client, all you need to do is shuffle the cards face down, then pull one out. The kind of client you’re about to get will be revealed to you.

The set consists of five cards, a belly band that includes directions and production notes, and a muslin drawstring bag with stamped art decoration. In all, the pieces were created using a combination of letterpress, gold foil embossing, offset, and a dusting with metallic copper ink pigment.

Cards are glued front to back (done so well I had a hard time seeing it) and diecut with round corners. The paper (Reich Savoy Natural White 118 lb. Cover) has just the right feel.

The illustrations and copy describing five different clients brings a sense of fun to the concept. My favorite? The “Delusional” client: “Champagne tastes, beer budget. Unrealistic expectations of design, cost, deadlines and your availability.” Lovingly portrayed by the cutest flying pig you ever saw.

Delightful, inspiring, unique, expertly executed … If my crystal ball is working, I’m sure I see this promo still sitting on designers’ desks.

Client Fortune Teller Tarot Cards were featured as a Paper Inspiration.



Project Details

Title Client Fortune Teller Tarot Cards Client In To Ink Date March 2012 Design Veronica Rourke, Theresa Pyle, Larry Pyle Print In To Ink and
Senekeo Embossing
San Diego, CA
Paper Reich Savoy Natural White
118 lb. Cover

Production Details

Dimensions 6.5" x 4" Page Count 5 cards, belly band, muslin bag Production Time 3 weeks Printing Method Offset, letterpress Number of Colors Back: 2 color offset,
Front: 2 color letterpress (each card has a different color)
Finishing and Binding Dusting, foil emboss, cards glued front to back, diecut, rubber stamped art on muslin bag


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