The Alcoholidays


Being creative is a valuable asset. Being creative AND funny is a priceless gift indeed… a gift that clients of design agency One Trick Pony receive each year at the holidays.

As it happens, the agency is located in the south New Jersey town of Hammonton, which is also home to Nelson Johnson, the author of the book that inspired the HBO series, Boardwalk Empire. Several of One Trick Pony’s clients mentioned seeing a “Hammonton” sign in different episodes, so they wanted to tie that into the theme for this holiday gift – lovingly referred to as “Alcoholidays.”

These creative folks packaged a variety of bottles (yes, of booze) as if they were unearthed from a prohibition era secret vault. Each bottle was wrapped in a 6-page newspaper that featured 1920’s era stories about Hammonton, One Trick Pony and its clients.

The newspaper was created from square one (designed and written by the staff). Especially fun were a number of period-based ads showing what their clients’ product advertisements might’ve looked like back in the day. Hangtags complete with a fake moustache secured the newspaper around the bottles and absolutely tickled my funny bone.

Delightful – wonder how I can sneak onto their mailing list? Hmmmm…

The Alcoholidays was featured as a Paper Inspiration.



Project Details

Title The Alcoholidays Client One Trick Pony Date December 2010 Design One Trick Pony
Hammonton, NJ
Print Booklet: Print Art, Inc.
Newspaper: Linco Printing
Paper Mohawk Via Willow 80 lb. Cover; Mohawk Via Cream White 60 lb. Text; newsprint

Production Details

Page Count Newspaper: 6
Booklet: 12 with hangtag
Print Quantity 1,000 Production Cost $4,200 for booze Production Time Less than 1 week Printing Method Offset Number of Colors Newspaper: 3 colors
Booklet Cover: 2 colors
Booklet Interior: one color
Finishing and Binding Bottle was wrapped in newspaper and tied up with twine that had a hangtag. The hangtag contained a booklet that was bound in a matchbook style cover that was stapled.

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