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This band of errant creatives hits another one out of the collaborative park. For each issue of Wayward Arts, a different award-winning Canadian design studio works with the finest print craftsmen and the finest paper to produce the magazine of their dreams. Business card connoisseurs will find Issue 10 particularly enlightening and entertaining.

Paprika found inspiration from the book by Michael H Hart, The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons In History, and designed 100 business cards for each of the famous people. The originality is evident in every detail: selecting appropriate color palettes, writing brilliant copy, choosing the perfect type, and creating ingenious marks.

The examples are too numerous and wonderful to site here, but as a taste: a water blue gatefold parts the name of Moses in the middle of the letter “s” to reveal 10 commandments (yep, those); Jesus Christ’s website is omg.com; Karl Marx’s logo is an ironic play on the K-mart logo with the large red “K” and a script Marx running diagonally; and Gutenberg’s, which has the type displayed backward.

Flash Reproductions showed off every imaginable print technique: offset, letterpress and screen print on a delightful array of Mohawk papers. The only suggestion I have for this dream team is that they do another 100 cards just for the pure joy (mine) of it!

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Project Details

Title Wayward Arts Small Cards Client Flash Reproductions +
Wayward Arts
Date December 2013 Design Rene Clement, Paprika Print Flash Reproductions
Toronto Canada
Paper Mohawk (varies) including Via, Strathmore, Loop, Superfine, Options Navajo, Carnival

Production Details

Dimensions Varies Page Count 100 business cards + carrier Print Quantity 2,000 Production Time 2 months Printing Method Offset, letterpress, screen print Number of Colors CMYK + several spot colors
+ silk screen colors
Finishing and Binding Emboss, foil, laser cut, diecut, hand collated cards to
sets of 100


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