Mohawk Maker Quarterly No. 10

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Marriage is a tricky arrangement to pull off, but when it works, boy, it works. No, we’re not rabbiting on about the latest entertainment power couple, but the compelling union between Mohawk and Hybrid Design, which this month produced one of their greatest collaborations to date: issue 10 of The Mohawk Maker Quarterly. What makes this issue particularly unique is its devil-may-care approach to the very idea of what actually constitutes a print publication in the 21st century. As the paper company explains:

The cover of issue 10 is a tri-fold pocket folder which serves as a container for the five sections of this quarterly, each printed on different textured and colored Mohawk papers… .The inside front cover features a table of contents introducing the five ‘chapters’ of the publication, each designed to explore beauty from a unique perspective and a distinct voice while demonstrating five different papers. Each chapter is an eight-panel ‘mega-brochure’ that reveals a full 24″ x 36” poster featuring photography, typography, illustration, narrative and architecture when it is unfolded.”

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This use of a pocket folder and fold-out mega-brochures rather than the more traditional tabloid format we’ve come to expect from the Mohawk Maker Quarterly is a fascinating departure, and will no doubt prove as much of an inspiration as the content of the publication itself.

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In hindsight, this format shakeup seems inevitable in view of the previous issue’s use of a smaller yellow sheet wrapped around a much larger one, and then a larger one still – effectively creating three covers for a single issue (see image below). That issue, too, also created by Hybrid Design, felt very much like this one in the sense of it being one publication comprised of many different pieces. [Subscribe to The Mohawk Maker Quarterly]

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Project Details

Title Mohawk Maker Quarterly No. 10 Client Mohawk Design Hybrid Design Print Sandy Alexander Paper Mohawk Strathmore, Options, Via, Loop and Superfine

Production Details

Number of Colors CMYK plus match grey, match green, match red-orange, light grey, match deep purple, yellow, match deep blue, fluorescent green, and match aqua blue Finishing and Binding Holographic foil, die cut


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