My-Ness Chapbook


The chapbook’s short cover literally begs you to take a look inside.

– Thomas Ingalls

My delight … my pleasure … in having the chance to view and read [my-ness], a chapbook published by Missing Links Press. Ingalls Design created this thoughtful and inspiring printed piece. The details serve to complement and enrich Jane Hirshfield’s moving poetry where each selection begins with the word “My.”

The specialness of this limited-edition collection is enhanced by the choice of letterpress printing; tactile paper; and delicate, hand-sewn binding. The gentle blueness of a four-panel, roll-fold cover wraps text and artwork, which rest perfectly fitted inside. Touches of yellow punctuate the softness of the cover with a contrast meant to calmly awaken the eyes to the visuals that have a unique story of their own.

Adding energy and movement, these interesting images are abstract forms adapted from original atomic tracings done during bubble chamber experiments. Invented by physicist Donald Glaser in 1952, the bubble chamber led to central discoveries in experimental physics, and you can see the influence of the 1950s in this memorable chapbook.

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Project Details

Title My-Ness Chapbook Client Jane Hirshfield Date November 2015 Design Ingalls DesignKseniya Makarova + Tom Ingalls Print Dependable LetterpressSan Francisco, CA
John DeMerritt BookbindingEmeryville, CA
Paper Gmund Cotton Gentleman Blue 111 lb. Cover; Neenah's Crane Lettra Unwatermarked 80 lb. Text

Production Details

Dimensions 5.15 x 9.5” Page Count 32 Production Cost $175 Printing Method Letterpress Number of Colors Interior: 3 colors
Cover: 2 colors
Finishing and Binding Hand bound, wrap binding, scored, hand sewn

  1. Patrick Mitchell 3 years ago

    I am searching for ideas for my own chapbook. This video was inspirational. I’m sure I’ll be viewing it again and again

    • Aaron 3 years ago

      We’re so happy to hear that, Patrick. And that people are still making chapbooks, too!

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