Scion Wildpostings Canada


What moves you? Well, posters do (and cars of course)!

What the sound bite is to television, the poster is to guerilla marketing. And this series of six 24” x 36” posters for the Scion surely got a lot of folks in Canada moving to buy this youth-inspired vehicle.

The thing that revved our printing engines was the 4-color process match to the car colors, not to mention those crossovers from poster to poster … and the fine people who lined them up properly at each site!

Project Details

Title Scion Wildpostings Canada Client The Attik Date August 2010 Design The Attik Print Watermark Press
San Francisco, CA
Paper Topkote Gloss 80 lb Cover - Topkote

Production Details

Dimensions 24" x 36" each of 6 different posters Page Count 6 posters Print Quantity 5,000 Production Time about 2 weeks including freight time to Canada Printing Method offset Number of Colors 4cp / 0 - but needed to match red car, silver car etc. Finishing and Binding Print and Trim (but cross overs from poster to poster being tight for the people posting around town)

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