Pop-Up ‘From Forest to Forest’ Book

Considering how integral paper is to our daily lives, it’s amazing just how little many of us know about where it comes from and how it’s made. Tapping the talents of one of the most exciting paper engineers around, Sappi created “From Forest to Forest,” an astonishingly ambitious pop-up book that’s equal parts beautiful and educational.

Designed by Minneapolis based studio 10 Thousand Design, constructed by Structural Graphics [projects / website], and engineered by Simon Arizpe (who brought us the interactive piece “The Wild” among other wonders), the book is filled to bursting with flora and fauna, buildings and machinery, that all spring from its pages in surprising ways.

As a company that relies heavily on renewable natural resources, sustainability is not merely a trend, but at the core of this mill’s being. Made entirely from Sappi’s Spectro [PaperSpecs PRO members: Get Swatchbook!], this SFI-certified volume is lushly illustrated with art by Alex Pearson depicting the lifespan of a sheet of this paperboard from its origins in the forests on through the paper-making process, right up to the various uses to which it’s put in the marketplace.

From the vivid shades of the leaves to the Blue of the skies and various hues of the packaging examples shown, this volume is awash in vibrant colors. But what really grabs the attention and won’t let go are the pop-up elements.

With the turn of a page entire forests rise, animals give way to a paper-making machine, printing presses, and ultimately return and repeat the process again in a forest setting.

From the importance of forests as habitat for animals to active forest management practices, facts and processes are explained in colorful and interactive ways. Movable flaps share a myriad of related facts and grant us sneak peeks inside everything from rabbit dens to the inner-workings of a massive paper-making machine.

Not satisfied with merely creating breathtaking pop-ups, the designers rounded out the look and feel of this volume with everything from fluorescent and Silver inks to Gloss and Dull Varnishes, Soft Touch and Textured Matte Coatings, as well as sculptured and single-level embossings, hot foil stamping, and even a scratch-off coating for a lottery ticket – demonstrating one of the uses of the paperboard.

“From Forest to Forest” is an inspiring example of print being used to add weight, interactivity and texture to the telling of a story that we all should know by heart, in a way that celebrates the work and thought that goes into the creation of the paper on which we all rely.

Project Details

Title Pop-Up ‘From Forest to Forest’ Book Client Sappi Design Design: 10 Thousand Design
Paper-engineering: Simon Arizpe
Illustrations: Alex Pearson
Print Classic Color, Chicago
Structural Graphics, Essex, Conn.
Paper Pop-ups: Sappi Spectro C2S 10 pt.
Main pages: Sappi Spectro C2S 12 pt.
Cover: Sappi Spectro C1S 18 pt.

Production Details

Printing Method Offset Number of Colors CMYK, Fluorescent PMS ink, Custom Yellow PMS ink, Chrome Silver ink Finishing and Binding Embossing, Hot foil stamping, Gloss varnish, Dull varnish, Soft-Touch coating, Textured matte UV coating, Grit UV coating, Scratch-Off UV coating; Lay flat binding
  1. sammyJ 2 years ago

    Hello hello,
    I am a super fan of Simon Arizpe and, “I just love it” and I want to buy it. I have a couple his books and would love to add this one to my collection.

    Do you know how I can get my hands on one? I am in Australia (melbourne)

    please do more and more pop ups I love em’

    • Aaron 2 years ago

      Thank you for your enthusiastic response to this book, Sammy! We’re actually going to be giving away some copies in a week or two. Unfortunately, the sponsors of that giveaway are only making it available in the U.S. I’m afraid the best we can suggest at the moment is that if you know someone in the U.S. you ask them to enter for you. Sorry we can’t be of more help on this…

      • Victoria Campbell 2 years ago

        kia ora from down under under… New Zealand,

        I had exactly the same question as Sammy. Would love to buy to display and show off to art and design students. Promote careers “in paper” through illustration and paper engineering… I’ll add to my collection after I have shared.

        However will send your video to a friend and get them to enter for me.

        ngā mihi (many thanks)
        Victoria C.

        • Aaron 2 years ago

          A very noble goal, Victoria – thank you for teaching the next generation of paper designers and engineers!
          >>>>However will send your video to a friend and get them to enter for me.
          Please note that the contest information for the book won’t be posted until June 8th. The best place to find it then will be on our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/PaperSpecs

          Thank you everybody for your interest in this wonderful piece 🙂

  2. Marlene Schmitt 2 years ago

    I’m interested in purchasing this wonderful book as well. Since I am in the US, I guess I’ll check out the Facebook page on June 8th! Thanks!

    • Aaron 2 years ago

      Absolutely, Marlene, and thanks for writing 🙂

    • Aaron 2 years ago

      Hi Marlene – Here’s the contest link: https://bit.ly/3ML2BJL! Good luck!

  3. Aaron 2 years ago

    Hi all – Here’s your chance to win a copy of this amazing book for a very limited time: https://bit.ly/3ML2BJL! Good luck!

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